What is a clothing membership? 

Valhalla provides limitless fashion options at one set price for endless possibilities.  For $39/month, you can borrow three items of clothing at a time for as long as you like.  When you're ready for new offerings, bring them back and exchange them for three new ones.  Not ready to give up one item yet?  Keep it for now and only exchange two items, or keep it and get 20% off.  What could be better than that? 

Can I buy clothes? Do I have to be a member? 

We don't discriminate, anyone can purchase clothing.  We understand that membership might not be for everyone.  Actually, it works best for our members when we have a healthy mix of customers that purchase so that we can always be assured that we'll have new clothes coming in to keep the "closet" fresh. 

What if I only want to return one item? 

You can maintain 3 borrowed items of clothing at a time so if you're not quite ready to return something yet, go ahead and hang on to it.  Or if you've fallen in love, we won't hold it against you, in fact, we'll give you 20% off so you two can be together.  

How many times can I exchange?  

Memberships include limitless exchanges. 

Can I try it for just one month?

Yes, there is no long term commitment to the membership. If you'd just like to give it a try for one month, just let us know and return your times before the renewal date. It's that simple. 

I'm thinking of a membership, which add-ons should I have?

This is a really personal question and is different for each person. Our members that have the 2 extra item add-on find that they wear less of their own clothing and almost exclusively use our closet for their wardrobe needs. Others find the 2 extra item add-on hugely convenient if they find they have trouble getting to the store as often as they'd like. The accessories add-on is great for our members that want to add a little extra to their outfits. Go with your gut and know that you can always upgrade or downgrade the add-ons. 

I'd like to rent a pair of shoes for a special occasion, can I do that?

Yes, while Valhalla doesn't offer a shoe package included in the membership or available as a membership add-on, you can rent a pair of shoes with a one-time rental. A one-time rental allows you to rent an item for 7 days for 1/3 of the sales price.

Do I need to wash my purchased or borrowed clothes?

We wash all clothes that we purchase and that have been returned from members before we put them on the sales floor.

One of the best benefits to membership (besides having endless wardrobe possibilities) is you don't have to do laundry!  No really, we'll wash the items you borrowed.  Same goes for selling, while we encourage you to bring in clean items to sell (it makes it easier to see the value in your offerings), we wash all items before putting them out for sale. 

What kinds of clothes do you have? 

We try to stock all styles every woman might need for everyday life, including special events.  We have the store broken up into different sections: Special occasion dresses, business clothes, everyday clothes, jeans, etc. 

Will I get bored? 

We purchase new items everyday.  We also have new borrowed items being returned everyday.  With our vast selection and constant stream of new arrivals, you should never have to say, "I have nothing to wear" ever again. 

I don't live in Tampa, is shipping available?

We don't offer shipping at the moment but it may be something we offer in the future. 

Can I wash my items? 

You absolutely can wash the items you've borrowed.  If you'd like a couple more wears before exchanging, go right ahead.  All that we ask is that you read and follow the washing instructions. 

Why source from the used market?

We believe a clean environment is essential for healthy living.  As a society, we treat clothing (women's clothing especially) as disposable rather than the durable goods they are.  Textiles make up 9% of all the waste in our landfills.  Most of these textiles are made from synthetic material which can take up to 200 years to decompose.

In order to get the most out of the clothes we wear, Valhalla is committed to connect women with a vast array of options while providing the best use of resorces. 

For more information about the fashion industry's impact on our environment, check out Our Environment page.

How often do you get new inventory?

We purchase new inventory every day and we have new items being returned from members all day long so that means we have new offerings on a constant basis and new items are being added to our collective closet all the time.

I have a special event, can I just rent one item without a membership?

Yes, we offer a one time rental for 7 day. The rental price is one third of the lowest marked sales price. It's perfect for a dress or outfit you know you'll only wear one time but a membership isn't for you.

Can I smoke?

We strongly recommend that no one smokes.  But if you don't want to take our advice or the American Cancer Society's advice, we ask that you don't do it while wearing clothes that you've borrowed from us.  Smoke can be incredibly hard to remove from clothing.