Valhalla Party FAQs


Earn 2 months of membership for free when 15 or more attend your party. You’ll also receive half off months of membership for each friend that signs up for their first month of membership with our member referral bonus.


Why should I host a party at Valhalla?

Well, for starters, it's FUN! But also, members will receive unlimited 1/2 off months of membership for each new member that signs up. If 10 friends sign up for a new membership, you'll receive 10 months at half off. And if you have 15 or more guests show up, you'll receive 2 months of membership for free as a gift from Valhalla.

Who can host a party?

We typically reserve parties for members but we may be open to hosting a party for community organizations and meet up groups.

What's included?

Valhalla will provide wine and appetizers. You supply the girlfriends.

Who should I invite?

All of your girlfriends that live in the area and you think would love a membership or a fun shopping trip.

How long do parties usually last?

A typical party lasts 1.5 - 2 hours.

When is the best time to host the party?

We're open 11-7 and prefer to host parties during operational hours but may do a party outside of operational hours if it's a large group. Our busiest times are in the afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays so we try to avoid those times for parties to make sure your guests have the best experience.

When should I reach out to plan a party?

Ideally, a party will give guests at least 1 month of advance notice so they have plenty of time to plan to attend. Reach out to us about 5 weeks before you'd like to host the party. Our texting number is best way to reach us to plan a party.

How should I let friends know about the party?

We suggest creating a Facebook event. - Invite as many local women as you like but don't forget to follow up with them the day before the event. Personal invites along with the Facebook event are the most effective. - For example, create the Facebook event and then contact friends via texting to let them know you're having a party and that you'd like it if they can attend. Don't forget to follow up the day before the event to remind guests about the party.

How to convince friends to become members?

The membership tends to sell itself but there are some best practices. Make sure your guests know how the membership works and it is described in the "about" section of the event. Ask your girlfriends to follow us on Instagram and Facebook so they can get a feel for what we offer. It's more likely that they'll get a membership if they have some basic knowledge of the membership before visiting the store for the first time. Remember, each friend that becomes a member for the first time earns you a month of membership at half off with unlimited referral bonuses available. For example, if 10 friends sign up for a membership for the first time, you'll receive 10 months of membership at half off.

For friends that couldn't make it to the party, let them know that they'll always be able to redeem the referral bonus, just ask them let us know that you referred them at checkout. They don’t need to bring you along.