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Valhalla provides limitless fashion options for endless possibilities.  Starting at $39/month, you can borrow three items of clothing at a time for as long as you like.  When you're ready for new offerings, bring them back and exchange them for three new ones.  Not ready to give up one item yet?  Keep it for now and only exchange two items, or buy it and get 20% off. 

We also offer add-on's to the membership:

  • Accessories (excluding shoes): $5 per month
  • Two Extra Clothing Items at a Time: $10 per month

I have NOTHING to wear!
— Every Woman, Everywhere

Why Become a Member? 


Have you ever looked in your bursting at the seams closet and said to yourself, "I have NOTHING to wear!"  Well, not any more!  Valhalla's limitless closet is the answer.  Any item of clothing in our store is at your disposal.  We really mean it; you can borrow anything. 


The Details


Members borrow three items at a time with unlimited exchanges.  Included in the membership price is a 20% discount on any items you just can't live without.  

When you return anything you've borrowed, we'll wash it.  Say goodbye to laundry forever!




We offer free styling services! Every new member completes a style profile that helps us stock the styles and sizes that work best for them.

And our texting service allows members to text ahead. We'll get items ready for our members so they can run out the door. The better we get to know our members, the better we get at getting them the perfect item for their special occasion, even if that special occasion is attending a meeting at work or a weekend BBQ.


Our Styles


We shop specifically with our members in mind to make sure our selection always has something they're excited about.

To make sure our closet really does have everything you might need in your everyday fabulous life, we carry: evening gowns, party dresses, work clothes, fun clothes, you name it, we should have it (if we don't, let us know).  We're also buying new clothes on a daily basis so there are new items every single day.  You'll never have to say, "I have NOTHING to wear!" ever again. 


What Our Members Say


One of the surprising benefits members tell us they've discovered with their membership is a better understanding of their own style.  Being free from the burden of price shopping, they are free to wear pieces that truly fit them and their unique style.

"You've changed my life! Haha, sounds silly but it's solved ethical dilemmas and even just small ones like saving time in the morning." - Jean R.

"Everyone in the store works to understand my personal style and pulls things for me ahead of time. I love not having to buy fast fashion and getting a new, stylish wardrobe every week for a very reasonable price." - Lauren R.

"Its exciting to feel like you have a very large second closet with new pieces you can try all the time!" - Nereia C.

"I called my sister after I signed up for the membership and said, 'you know how when we walk into a fabulous store and we say, 'I wish this was our closet', well, someone did it!'" - Jesse M.


Member Referral Program


Refer a friend and you both earn half off a month of membership. Have your friend let us know they referred you and your next or first month of membership is half off and so is theirs'! The referral bonus is stackable too, for example, you refer 5 friends, you get five months of membership at the half off rate.  - referral is only for first time members.


Referral via Facebook


One of the best ways to refer a friend and earn yourself and friends half off memberships is to share via Facebook. Use the share link to post directly on Facebook.


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