Our Beliefs  

We believe that a healthy environment is essential for the future of our planet.  Sustainable options don't mean you have to be satisfied with less, we want you to have more.  You deserve to live the ultimate fantasy; a limitless closet, full of possibilities while doing good for the environment.  

Clothing Membership

Valhalla provides limitless fashion options at one set price for endless possibilities.  Starting at $39/month, you can borrow three items of clothing at a time for as long as you like.  When you're ready for new offerings, bring them back and exchange them for three new ones.  Not ready to give up one item yet?  Keep it for now and only exchange two items, or buy it and get 20% off the purchase price.  

We also offer add-on's to the membership:

  • Accessories (excluding shoes): $5 per month

  • Two Extra Clothing Items at a Time: $10 per month


We have a wide selection of used women's clothing. Everything in our store is available for sale or rent.  If you're a member, you get 20% off any purchase of merchandise. 


Our mission is to provide our members with the best sustainable wardrobe options we can. To help us achieve this, we ask our sellers to please bring us your stylish, unique, new looking clothing to our location and we'll offer you store credit for your offerings. Check out our Pinterest board to get a better idea of what our dream offerings are.  Anything we don't purchase can be left with us and we'll donate it to The Spring of Tampa Bay.   

In The News

Valhalla has made the news several times for it's innovative concept. Check out the links below.