Referral Bonus Details

When you refer a friend that signs up for a membership for the first time, you earn 50% off one month of membership! And your friend will too! If you refer 10 new members, you’ll receive 10 months of membership at 50% off. To help you spread the word and have those member referrals roll in faster, we've highlighted the most successful ways to earn more member referrals:


Best Ideas for Member Referrals

Host a Private Party at Valhalla

The number one, best way, to earn member referrals is to host a private party for your girlfriends at Valhalla. Just let us know what dates work best for you and set up the event. We even provide drinks and apps! If you have more than 15 guests, you’ll receive 2 months of membership for free.

Check out our party page to learn more.


Talk About Valhalla In Person to Your Girlfriends

Wear your Valhalla outfit to the next party or get together and let the complements roll in - then surprise them with the fact that it's a rental!

 Be prepared everywhere you go with member referral cards and hand them out when you get compliments. - the person who complemented you might not get a membership but maybe they'll pass along the card.


Talk About Valhalla in Instagram Posts

Post your fabulous Valhalla finds on Instagram to share with your followers. Don't forget to include your favorite part of your membership.  Some of our members' favorite perks are the personal styling/shopping, surprise items, always having something new, and catching up with friends at the shop. And don't forget to tag the post during photo contests! - You could kill two birds with one stone.


Tell Your Friends on Facebook that You're a Member

Share this link on Facebook to easily let your friends know about our incredible member referral benefits as well!  


Use Facebook to Invite Girlfriends to Events

Have you been to one of our member exclusive events? They're fun and a great way to meet other members. Almost all of our exclusive events are open to friends. Invite some girlfriends you think would enjoy a Valhalla membership. 


Tag Friends in Posts

Be on the lookout for amazing outfits that we regularly post on Instagram. You may see one that would be perfect for a friend. Tag them in the post, let us know that you think they'll like it, and we'll hold it for them if they're interested.