What we look for 


Our mission is to provide our members with the best wardrobe options we can.  To help us achieve this, we ask our sellers to please bring us your stylish, unique, new looking clothing and accessories to our location and we'll offer you store credit for your offerings.  Check out our Pinterest board to get a better idea of what our dream offerings are. 




Anything we don't purchase can be left with us and we'll donate it to The Spring for items in good condition.  Items that are damaged are donated to Recover T.  Recover T uses damaged clothing to make jewelry - $1 of each sale goes to Turning Point Foundation to help people in recovery.


When to Stop By 


We purchase new clothes every single day from opening until one hour before closing.  Come in and see us. 


Our Suggestions


We suggest that you keep a bag in your closet and anytime you see something in your wardrobe that just doesn't do it for you anymore, place it in your bag.  When you're headed to Valhalla to borrow new items, bring your bag with you.  Or even better, keep them in the same bag and you'll never forget them.  Not a member yet?  Come in and give it a try.