Our Solar Experience

The owner and founder of Valhalla made the decision to switch to solar power the day after the infamous anti-solar amendment 1 failed to pass.  She found it a significant way to use her dollars in protest of the unscrupulous advertising and lobbying efforts the oil industries had used in the state to convince voters that putting restrictions on solar was "great" for solar.  - In other words, she wanted to give big oil a big middle finger.  The fact that it's cheaper and much better for the environment didn't hurt either.


Danielle Describes the Process

"It was much more simple than I had imagined.  I hate paperwork - I know, as a former Office Manager, paperwork should excite me, but in truth, I've always loathed it.  I called up 3D Solar and they sent out a sales person to my home who helped me work up the numbers and apply for the loan.  It took probably less than 20 minutes."


Why you should take plunge

Really, I can't think of a single reason why you shouldn't. Putting the environmental benefits aside for a moment, solar just makes financial sense. I've switched out my electric bill for a 12 year loan - the loan payment is almost the same as my monthly bill before solar. After my loan is paid off, I'll have no more payment but my solar panels, with a 25 year warranty, should be producing solar for at least another 13 years. That means I should expect to save about $25,000; more if the panels last longer than the warranty.


Things to keep in mind

In Florida, you are required to be connected to the grid regardless if you have solar panels or receive energy from the electric company.  This requirement has two implications:

  1. You have to pay a monthly "grid connection" fee (you're already paying it). This fee can't be waived or credited away.
  2. If your grid looses power, you do to. You can add on a battery pack that allows you to save the power you produce.


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