Enjoy the Benefits of Tidying Up Without the Work

Tidying up! Everyone is doing it! Marie Kondo has been an inspiration for this New Year and we here at Valhalla recently finished Marie Kondo-ing our collective closet. We intentionally chose items that weren't regularly sparking joy for our members and customers and had a big sale! The great news is that those pieces can now spark joy for others and we have space for some new, exciting ones.

This recent Marie Kondo phenomenon has been on many customers' minds and we found that they have also been inspired to purge their own closets. For many of us, clothing sparks joy when we initially find it. But that joy fades over time. We tend to eventually get rid of that item just to replace it with something new and the cycle continues.

Valhalla offers an alternative. An affordable, ecofriendly, fashion forward alternative.

Organizing and purging can be intense and time-consuming. Let us do it for you! With a Valhalla membership you can be rid of this buying/purging cycle. For $39/month you can borrow 3 items of clothing, return them dirty (we do the laundry) and swap them for out for some new ones! You can do these swaps unlimited times during the month.

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Valhalla's collective closet is always changing because we are intentionally purchasing items we know our members will love. Marie Kondo is able to bring her idea of items "sparking joy" because she treats them as animate objects. This allows her to be thankful and show appreciation for what that item has brought to the life of the owner. We feel the same way about our collective closet. Many of our best dresses have a story that is shared between members. One member may have worn that dress to her child's first recital while another member wore it to a special anniversary dinner.

Valhalla’s affordable, ecofriendly, fashion forward alternative.

Another great way to feel that spark of joy is knowing that with a Valhalla membership you're not contributing to the 13 million tons of textile waste that is thrown into landfills each year. Our unique collective closet allows our members to essentially share one big rotating closet without the maintenance or burden a traditional closet can bring.