Special Event

Earth Day + Fashion Revolution Week


Today is Earth Day and also the start of Fashion Revolution Week.


Make a pledge to make one small change in the way you consume fashion to make the world a little greener and/or more just. You'll be surprised by how one small change can make a huge difference.

Danielle's pledge is to never again buy a new item of clothing that was produced by a sweat shop worker. While most of the clothes she wears comes from Valhalla's collective closet, tank tops, undies, and shoes are something she buys new when her's wear out. For the most part, if you don't know who made your clothes, you can bet they came from a sweat shop. From now on, Danielle will know who made her clothes.

Some ideas on a pledge that will work with your lifestyle and will make a difference:

  1. Learn more about the Fashion Revolution movement.

  2. Attend all three Fashion Revolution Tampa Bay events going on this week.

  3. Buy more/only used clothing.

  4. Start a Valhalla membership.

  5. Use an add-on to your Valhalla membership.

  6. Know who made your clothes.

  7. Wear only eco-friendly materials.

  8. Aim for quality over quantity.

  9. Only buy items you will wear more than 30 times.

  10. Only use eco-friendly laundry products.